Why the clients chose us?

Because your legal security is the prime subject of an attorney's care and by accessing success via the attorney service creates the advantage for the client in law field. This is the why the client chose “US”.

Advocate service

An attorney, a.k.a. hired conscience, and my 9 years experience, give the answer to the question, why we set precedent! And by "we" I mean myself and the client.

Why us?

We set precedents!" I used the word "we" to emphasize the fact, that an attorney and the client are in fact a team.

Our advantage

Conscientousness, professionalism and loyalty, are the aspects of that hired conscience which I provide to my clients and which they get.

The answer to the main question

Fully provided juridical and attorney services in over 500 cases, is the fundament of the experience, which can proudly declare: "We set precedents!"


Only important decisions made by the court for the development of precedents during the representation of the lawyer.

All Cases

Our clients

The persons I provide and / or provided full legal and attorney services are presented so that we can set precedents together.


Fully offering juridical and attorney services on entire territory of Georgia, with conscientiousness, professional and loyalty, so we can set precedents.

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