About me

Attorney at law Guram Kontuadze (GGK Lawyer) 
Date of birth: 31.10.1988 
Place of birth: Sokhumi, Saqartvelo / Georgia
Education: Master of Law        
1995-2005 1st experimental school of Tbilisi, 
2005-2009 Sokhumi State University, bachelor degree
2009-2013 Sokhumi State University,  Master degree
2011-2013 assistant attorney (Attorney at law Eldar Gvalia) 
Attorney's profile:  
Independent law practice since 2013
Member of the Georgian Bar Association since 2013 year, number №6122
Specialization - general (civil,  criminal and administrative law) 
2013-2018 Holding www.autopapa.ge Chief Lawyer    
2013-2018 LTD  Rustavis Autobazroba  Chief Lawyer
2013-2018 LTD  Mikado Georgia  Chief Lawyer    
2013-2018 LTD  Rustav Comfort   Chief Lawyer    
2013-2018 LTD  Rustav  Terminal Plus  Chief Lawyer
2017-2018 LTD  VT Company  Chief Lawyer 
2017-2018 LTD  Lincoln Management Georgia   Chief Lawyer
2017-2018 LTD  MMG Company  Chief Lawyer 
2017-2018 LTD  Midas Trading Chief Lawyer
17.03.2018 - 01.10.2018 Autopapa Imports  Chief Lawyer 
Professional experience: 
More than 500 case law 
Types of services: 
Legal advocacy / attorney services for 
individual and legal entity in Civil, Criminal,
Administrative and Constitutional Law.
Advocacy / attorney service: 
a) Representation in all three instances (City, Appellate and Supreme court);
b) Representation in the Constitutional Court;
C) Representation in private arbitration, national Bureau of Enforcement, prosecutor's office, with law enforcement agencies and any administrative authority;
D) Representation In front of individuals and legal entities;
Profession advocate / attorney at law: 
a free profession from any kind of influence, protection of justice with
the beneficial actions of the interests of the client on the basis
independent responsibility with conscientiousness, professionalism and loyalty.
Jobs slogan: We set precedents!
Public slogan: Sokhumi Our Jerusalem!
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